Blues From A Gun

Another weekend is here, I hope you are all doing something fun? This is a little something I put on quickly this morning. I got up early to carry on with an essay which I left till last minute and left myself with no time to get myself sorted but hey, work has to come first for once (or at least I am trying to do this in my life).

I teamed a leopard and leather blouse over a black bodycon dress and my my old Dr Martens which, just for the record, I really think I need to invest in a new pair soon.

You may also notice a change to my hair again. Basically, I am on my way to dying my hair purple but it didn’t take all over as, of course, it should be bleached first but I refuse to bleach my hair so I am doing it my way :) I have a couple more pots coming in the post, and by next week I should have purple hair for a couple of weeks (as it is only semi permanent) At the moment, I guess I can live with it being a mixture of blonde, grey and purple.

Hope you all have a great weekend and I hope to see you at Gran’s House on Monday - It is Grunge night!!!