Southsea Flea Market - 05.05.2012

Hey Guys!

So I’ve just finished prepping for Southsea Flea Market tomorrow! Nicole and I have our own stand there and will be selling lots of vintage and modern goodies for super cheap! 

There will be an eclectic and affordable mix of bric-a-brac, modern and vintage/retro cothes, arts, crafts, jewellery, books - the list goes on!

It will take place in St Swithun’s Church Hall, which is on Waverly Road (just off of Albert Road). Entry is completely free, and there is free parking via Collingwood Road!

Not only that, you can also buy wonderful home made cakes after browsing the range of stalls. You’d be silly not to go!

See you there?

Harriet x

Shirt - Vintage
Bag - Asos Men’s
Shoes - Underground Creepers

we can speak at slower speeds.

Does anybody else steal their Mum’s old clothes or is it just me? I claimed this blue top as my own and I’ve worn it so much. It’s a pretty simple piece, but it was free and it’s something new so you can’t complain! Next I plan to raid my Dad’s wardrobe… Plaid Shirts and Levi’s here I come! Don’t knock the hand-me-downs.

Local readers, if you’re stuck with what to do this weekend, I’d recommend heading down to The Wedgewood Rooms on Sunday. Boy/Girl duo Slow Club will be playing, along with support from local Alternative/Shoegaze band Is Bliss and rising Acoustic artist Tom Bertram.

Here’s what The Fly had to say about Slow Club:

"Slow Club are another boy/girl duo but instead of valium’d-up rock n’roll they make sacharine folk-pop that turns your usually miserable scribe into a radiant ray of positivity"

Sound good? 

Get yourself down to The Wedgewood rooms sharp! Tickets are only a tenner, and for 3 great acts, you can’t say that’s not a bargain!

Enjoy yourselves!

Harriet x

He’s My Morning

Ok, so this is an outfit i wore from a few weeks back. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to get anything this week as I have been so busy with deadlines; making clothes and taking photographs! It is very hectic and I have no time to stop with a deadline lingering around just 4 days away!

How exciting is it to see some sun then!? Spring is here, and I hope you are all dressing for it! Not to the extreme though, I wouldn’t recommend leaving the house with bare legs…

Here, I just wore a classic camel shift dress with a vintage oversized cardigan, some heeled clog boots and red accessories. Pretty classic! I do love red and camel together…

I hope you are all going to have a wonderful weekend and get those BBQ’s started! But don’t drink or eat too much, I hope to see you all at Granny’s house on Monday for the “Mad Men” party for some cool outfits, delicious cakes and amazing music!

Ps - This is my last outfit post for 2 weeks as I go on holiday Wednesday. See you then!

Summer Mood

As odd as it sounds, I truly hope that nobody is here to read this at this moment in time. The weather is glorious, and you should all be outside, enjoying the sun and drinking beer! I wish I was… Unfortunately this weekend brings a mid season sale, and therefore lots of work for me. 

However, the sunny skies this week meant that a thin cardigan, my peace necklace (that Nicole kindly bought for me on a trip to London) and my trusty chelsea boots was all I needed to pair with this scalloped dress from ASOS (come to think of it, it was also Nicole who bought me this for my birthday last year! I am so lucky to have a friend with such good taste.)

Granny’s House was quite a success on Monday! It was great to see everyone’s grunge looks, and the homemade cakes were amazing. It’s the “Mad Men" theme on Monday, so my task on Sunday evening is to find some appropriate attire… What will you wear?


Blues From A Gun

Another weekend is here, I hope you are all doing something fun? This is a little something I put on quickly this morning. I got up early to carry on with an essay which I left till last minute and left myself with no time to get myself sorted but hey, work has to come first for once (or at least I am trying to do this in my life).

I teamed a leopard and leather blouse over a black bodycon dress and my my old Dr Martens which, just for the record, I really think I need to invest in a new pair soon.

You may also notice a change to my hair again. Basically, I am on my way to dying my hair purple but it didn’t take all over as, of course, it should be bleached first but I refuse to bleach my hair so I am doing it my way :) I have a couple more pots coming in the post, and by next week I should have purple hair for a couple of weeks (as it is only semi permanent) At the moment, I guess I can live with it being a mixture of blonde, grey and purple.

Hope you all have a great weekend and I hope to see you at Gran’s House on Monday - It is Grunge night!!!

tell me the secrets of your life.

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

Just a quick one from me as I am a very busy bee this weekend - college work overload! I’m pretty sure you all know how that feels. It’s my own fault, I don’t do things when they are given to me and just leave them to simmer for a while. I’ll never learn.

So, I’ll be locked away in my room tonight and tomorrow unfortunately. On the plus side, sitting around in this dreamy mesh dress from Dahlia makes me feel a lot better! It’s definitely one of those wear anywear dresses - the same goes for my super versatile bag that the lovely people at sent me.  I needed a new black bag (can never have too many, right?) and this one was perfect! It has both a shoulder strap and a grab strap, which are both detachable so you can swap over at your convenience. It was an amazing price too, at just $28 dollars, it equals to about £18! They have free worldwide shipping at the moment, so I’d definitely reccomend you check them out at before all the good stuff is gone!

I hope you all have a great weekend that consists of more fun and games than mine!

Love Harriet xxx

Sweetness and Light

Tonight Harriet and I are going to see The Cribs in Brighton - I can not wait! It was my birthday on Wednesday so I see this as another birthday treat for myself.

A couple of weeks ago, I won 4 dresses from a website called Mod Dolly. They are really cute! This is one of the ones I wore. It has heart print all over it with a lovely peter pan collar.

I had to wear it with my new creepers as I am completely in LOVE with them! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! And you should definitely check out Mod Dolly for some gorgeous dresses!

Granny Chic

Finally, Friday is here! Nicole and I are off to see The Cribs in Brighton tonight - pretty exciting stuff! I’m very much looking forward to that. It’s also a week on Monday untill the SFW Granny House Launch Party at The Registry! It’s going to be on every Monday but this is the first one. It’s a fundraiser to support Southsea Fashion Week and Community Fusion - and it’s only £2.00 to get in, or you can get in for a special price of £1.00. For details check the Facebook event here.

So there is going to be a different theme each week, and this one is the Granny theme! Unfortunately, I can’t go (sad face) but this is what I would be wearing if I was going. You can’t deny it; this skirt is pure Granny (for the record, I got it from Southsea Flea Market last week for £2.50! AMAZING!). However, I think with a simple black t-shirt, leather jacket and creepers it totally works! If you put your own spin on “Granny Style”, you’ll look less Granny Pants and more Granny Chic.

Don’t get me wrong, if you want to go FULL Granny, go for it - it’s all for a good cause! There will be home-baked cakes and cookies on sale from The Registry’s own minature toy house - it just wouldn’t be your Granny’s House otherwise! We’ll be spinning an eclectic mix of Hip Hop, Indie, Pop, Electro, Rock and K Pop, so what are you waiting for? Make sure you come and get fucked at your Granny’s House!


- Harriet Gunner

You drive me crazy, but I love you

This week has been a lazy week as it has been half term. Although, I managed to paint and lay a carpet in my room, and it looks very nice now it is finished. I just have to spend the weekend clearing out a lot of clothes…

This outfit was based around my beanie hat and shift dress layered over my roll neck. I pretty much live in my Doc Martens and my Creepers so there is no surprise as to which shoe I have opted for here!

I kept things colour coordinated with the blue hat, top and belt, and added a simple red satchel bag to stop it being too ‘matchy matchy’

I hope you all have a good weekend!

-Nicole Ford

Imperfection Is What Makes This Work

Friday… for most of you, this is ‘fun’ time. I won’t be doing anything because I now have a whole weekend fulfilled with work and, personally, I can not wait for Monday. It is my favourite day of the week because I have absolutely nothing to do!

This is just a casual outfit I wore to college. It consisted of a pair of DIY cut off denim shorts, a black suede jacket which I recently purchased for £1.99 at a charity shop (WIN) and as Harriet said: “the trusty creepers”. I can not get enough of them this year! It would be amazing to own them in every colour, but that will never happen.

Have a good weekend!


PS, London Fashion Week next week. Get ready!