Summer Mood

As odd as it sounds, I truly hope that nobody is here to read this at this moment in time. The weather is glorious, and you should all be outside, enjoying the sun and drinking beer! I wish I was… Unfortunately this weekend brings a mid season sale, and therefore lots of work for me. 

However, the sunny skies this week meant that a thin cardigan, my peace necklace (that Nicole kindly bought for me on a trip to London) and my trusty chelsea boots was all I needed to pair with this scalloped dress from ASOS (come to think of it, it was also Nicole who bought me this for my birthday last year! I am so lucky to have a friend with such good taste.)

Granny’s House was quite a success on Monday! It was great to see everyone’s grunge looks, and the homemade cakes were amazing. It’s the “Mad Men" theme on Monday, so my task on Sunday evening is to find some appropriate attire… What will you wear?


Blues From A Gun

Another weekend is here, I hope you are all doing something fun? This is a little something I put on quickly this morning. I got up early to carry on with an essay which I left till last minute and left myself with no time to get myself sorted but hey, work has to come first for once (or at least I am trying to do this in my life).

I teamed a leopard and leather blouse over a black bodycon dress and my my old Dr Martens which, just for the record, I really think I need to invest in a new pair soon.

You may also notice a change to my hair again. Basically, I am on my way to dying my hair purple but it didn’t take all over as, of course, it should be bleached first but I refuse to bleach my hair so I am doing it my way :) I have a couple more pots coming in the post, and by next week I should have purple hair for a couple of weeks (as it is only semi permanent) At the moment, I guess I can live with it being a mixture of blonde, grey and purple.

Hope you all have a great weekend and I hope to see you at Gran’s House on Monday - It is Grunge night!!!

I Don’t Wanna Go There Anymore

So with just one weekend to go, Southsea Fashion Weeks fund raiser at the Registry is launched! The themes are changing every week and it kicks of with a “Granny” theme.

Check out Harriet’s post for inspiration for the perfect Granny look!

I just have something super casual for you here. It was one of those “I have to be comfortable” days and my bronze H&M jumper, skinny jeans and chelsea boots made that happen.

Have a great weekend and I am looking forward to seeing what looks you created for Gran’s House next week!!

sensitive heart, you’re doomed from the start

It’s Friday today, meaning that it’s almost time for the Southsea Fashion Week Granny’s House Launch Party at the Registry!
I’m still feeling super bitter that I can’t make it, (although I will be watching Veronica Falls in Brighton so I can’t complain) BUT I will be attending the Granny’s House nights in the weeks to come.

Here is another example of something I might wear if I was going. A pleated “Granny” skirt (£1.99 charity shop find!) kept young with a simple fitted top and denim vest. 

The best photos will be printed in Mayhem Magazine each month, so make sure you get your perfect Granny look sorted! 

Still stuck on what to wear? Here’s some more inspiration to get you started:

Duckie & Andie from Pretty in Pink 

Click here for source.

Click here for source

Click here for source

Don’t forget, the theme will be different each week, so make sure you check back again for some more outfit ideas!

Savour your weekend, and make sure you have a drink (and a cupcake) for me at Granny’s House!

You drive me crazy, but I love you

This week has been a lazy week as it has been half term. Although, I managed to paint and lay a carpet in my room, and it looks very nice now it is finished. I just have to spend the weekend clearing out a lot of clothes…

This outfit was based around my beanie hat and shift dress layered over my roll neck. I pretty much live in my Doc Martens and my Creepers so there is no surprise as to which shoe I have opted for here!

I kept things colour coordinated with the blue hat, top and belt, and added a simple red satchel bag to stop it being too ‘matchy matchy’

I hope you all have a good weekend!

-Nicole Ford

Street Style - 13.02.2012

This week we’ve hunted down three different (but equally gorgeous) street style looks.

Harriet keeps this Navy lace dress day time friendly with a gold cardi and patent oxfords. Head to Topshop to snap up this versatile piece!

Going for comfort, Justyna shows us how to be warm and stylish at the same time by teaming a classic Parka with brown lace up ankle boots.

Our last girl Lia brightens up her monotone look with one statement colour; Orange! She contrasts her casual tee with leather shorts and suspender tights for a perfectly balanced look.

- Harriet Gunner and Nicole Ford

Street Style - 06.02.2011

Every week we will be posting 3 outfits from girls and boys whom we have found in the street. This week, we have been out on a little hunt for some boys to show us their own individual styles!

Successfully clashing his tartan bow tie and ditsy print shirt, Jake is definitely one to look up to for if you want to know how to work those ‘awkward’ trends - A lot of boys do not have the confidence to wear this!

Along with his bow tie, Jake has effortlessly pulled off the white socks with those shoes, which were found in a charity shop! (Extra points from us there!) This look is ticked to perfection.

Our second boy shows us how to do it a lot more casual than previously. Joe knows how to make the casual skinny jeans and plain grey t-shirt a lot more exciting with two key pieces. His leather jacket (which we believe every boy should own) and his Dr Martens. With his jacket representing a ‘bomber’ style and his DM’s being low, detail is definitely not wanted by him, nor is it needed in this outfit!

Casual and comfortable definitely works, this is effortless! Joe sure does show us how to pull of a simple outfit at its best.

Our final boy shows us a completely different look. 

Like above, Thomas is also sporting the leather jacket but, turning it up a notch, with the ‘biker’ style and details of silver buckles and zips drawing our attention straight to this amazing Vintage piece! Mixing it with a classic button up shirt, corduroy jeans and his favourite pair of Hudson Chelsea boots, Thomas is definitely leading the pack when it comes to style. 

He even has us speechless as to how good he looks in those Ray-bans!

 Next week we will be sharing with you some street style from the ladies. Make sure you check in to see what style they will be bringing us! 

-Nicole Ford & Harriet Gunner